“Can I be honest and raw with you guys? 2020 was a Razor Scooter to the ankle for everyone. In 2019, I went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with PTSD due to my mother having suffered from brain seizures since I was 12. We thankfully have an amazing doctor who hasn’t given up on my moms rare case, but this comes with my mother taking countless numbers of steroids and other medications that significantly weakens her immune system. Covid-19 has been scary for my family because my mother is our rock and she is at such a high risk. On top of worrying about my mom’s health, my mental health took a beating from the pandemic. I am the definition of an extrovert. I am fueled by the energy and presence of people around me, and it’s hard to be “fueled up” when there are only so many people you can be exposed to. With this being said, as soon as the vaccine is available to me, I will be there. I’ll be first in line, eager to be on this side of history, eager to gain some sense of normalcy, and eager to know I am doing everything I can to protect my very favorite person on this planet. Vaccines have saved us all from countless numbers of viruses and diseases in the past. Why not trust our medical professionals and get the vaccine? If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the other people in your community longing for safety, peace of mind, hugs, and a friendly smile that isn’t covered up by a mask. #ad”