Do Our Part is a non-partisan coalition of partners including The Maine Women’s Lobby and Salt Public Affairs with support from individual donations from the residents of Maine dedicated to spreading positive messages about the COVID-19 vaccine and our shared community responsibility to build an immunity to the virus.

Thanks to vaccines, Americans have been immunized against countless diseases, including polio, smallpox, and measles. Right now, we’re on the brink of another vaccine success story.

After months of waiting out a deadly pandemic, we now have a fighting chance to return to normal. It is time to prioritize not only our health but the health of our entire communities. Getting vaccinated will allow us to safely return to work, school, and normal day-to-day life.

Our mission at Do Our Part is to spread awareness about the benefits of the COVID vaccine and advocate for safe and fair vaccine distribution and administration. Join us in voicing our support for a COVID-free future by sharing stories on why it’s crucial to get vaccinated and help save lives.