“Hey y’all… We need to talk. Stonington, Maine is just one of the many small communities nestled along Maine’s rugged, but stunning coastline. While we’ve been able to protect our community from COVID-19 wreaking havoc along our shoreline, we were not able to escape it entirely. It is here. Maine is a state with an aging population and because of our geographical makeup, access to certain resources are a challenge. It is important to continue to educate ourselves and stay informed on this public health crisis, and that includes protecting ourselves and our neighbors (now you know I have a mask for every outfit color – don’t judge).

Although we, like other rural and coastal communities, have hurdles to face in the coming months to combat the spread of COVID-19, I am asking YOU to join me in taking a vow (and no, not that kind). Vaccines work. Science and history has proven this. And together we can take the path to normalcy – a world without masks and social distancing. Will you join me in getting vaccinated to defeat COVID?”