“As a member of our community, many of my decisions are based on the concept of “not me, but we”. How will my choices affect not just me, but so many more.

I am choosing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine not just for me, but for:

– children across our beautiful state who want nothing more than to return to in-person learning safely.

– grandparents nationwide who long to hug a loved one.

– BIPOC folks who have been the most dramatically affected by the virus in some places, yet also the most underserved.

– healthcare workers who have fought tirelessly to support us, and now we have the opportunity to support them.

– countless other individuals who know that a more challenging today can lead to a brighter tomorrow.

I encourage you to join me in asking yourself what if not me, but we? What if the question was not for me, but we? Consult a doctor. Do the research. Find the right answers to your questions. If not me, but we, then WE will get through this together.”