“I had the great displeasure of starting 2021 by contracting COVID-19. I still do not know how or when. I was concerned (1) for myself as an asthmatic (2) for my immediate family with pre-existing conditions and (3) for the essential workers I had interacted with. I still have no idea what the long-term repercussions on my body might be. I believe reinfection is not outside the realm of possibility, especially as we learn about new strains or mutations. 

Of course I want to dine out and see the smiling faces shown here up close again, but these wonderful people have become my tribe and I want to protect them as best I can. The virus has clearly outstayed its welcome and we all wish we could return to our way of life prior to 2020. Alas, time travel hasn’t been developed yet, but thankfully vaccines have.

I believe in the power of vaccination because it is responsible for wiping out smallpox worldwide and eliminating polio within the United States. I am optimistic that modern medicine will continue to have such success stories with greater research and accessibility.

We need to equip ourselves with as many tools as possible to overcome this, which include social-distancing, handwashing, and mask usage. They are all vital to limiting the spread within our communities. I thought I had done my best to be vigilant and still fell ill. That is why I believe vaccination is the best safety net for all of us. The more we resist adopting these strategies, the longer this crisis will drag on and those fond pre-2020 memories will become even more distant.”