Millinocket Regional Hospital, located in the Katahdin area of Maine, recently received their first shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine and administered 200 doses to patients above the age of 70. 

“We knew there would be challenges, we knew there would be difficulties going into this, whether it be distribution, the vaccine itself, or the actual vaccination process, but we are up to the challenge and that challenge is just one more challenge that comes with living rural in the state of Maine, and so that is why we focus on preparation, collaboration and really counting on people to be patient,” said Todd Phillips, who has been coordinating vaccine distribution for the hospital.

Millinocket Regional Hospital has given special consideration to the large elderly population living in rural Maine by helping patients through the appointment process and even sending out mail-in information cards for those who are not internet-savvy. They are looking forward to scaling up their process even more as vaccines become available for the rest of Maine’s rural population.

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