“With good news coming out about vaccines (did you see the articles in the NYT earlier this week?) I’m just starting to look ahead at what will be possible once we are all vaccinated. 

Sitting around big tables with wine and food, for poetry readings. Gathering in studios to work with collaborators again. Teaching for arts organizations. Attending artist residencies. 

And I am super eager to host a retreat for writers, here in Maine. I have a place and firepit and coastline in mind…

We’ll return to doing in person events for those with shots. Period. We need to protect our family members first, and I have several who are extremely vulnerable. A few of my people already have had their first dose and I’m more than ready for my parents to get theirs. Then we can all exhale a little bit (and see each other after 1.5 years apart). I’m expecting to get my vaccinations this summer (I’m in Phase 2, which is June and beyond)

These vaccines will allow me to return to doing some of the work I most enjoy and they mean I will get to see my family again, as well as my friends.”